Tristan Myers

Developing Webpages and Webapps

I like to build stuff (usually with code).


Confident in modern front-end web development, intererested in web, native software, and back-end/server development.

Past/Current Roles:

Front-end web developer at My Favorite Quilt Store from Jan 7, 2022 to Mid OCT, 2022

Helped develop the redesign of the site by implementing new pages, new features, fixing bugs and improving user experience.

Tech used: React, Typescript, Playwright, Apollo Client, GraphQL, Node

Full Stack Web Developer at Annex Distribution from Oct 24, 2022 to Jan 1, 2023

Worked on converting a project to typescript from javascript, implemented new page designs and added quality of life features for users.

Tech used: React, Typescript, Next, AWS DynamoDB


Personal browser homepage

A server side generated webpage that features an rss feed and some common links for quick access. Created with deno runtime.

Front end for an ecommerce site

This project uses sessionStorage, query parameters and redux state to keep track of everything happening. Built with react.js and tailwind.css.

Overlay game for live streams using OBS

This is a project for streams. I created a chatbot that watches for when someone puts an emote in the chat and sends a message over websockets to a server. The server renders the emote onto a canvas element that has physics, making the emote fall from the sky. I will be adding more to this project. Created with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js